Financial help for residents

The Northern Territory Government provides financial help to people impacted by natural disasters.

The support will help you meet the costs associated with your immediate and recovery needs, but is not a substitute for insurance and will not cover the full costs of your losses.

Types of assistance

There are four types of assistance which may be made available through Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements which are jointly funded by the Northern Territory Government and Australian Government.

Immediate hardship grant

An immediate hardship grant helps you meet the cost of basic needs in the first few days after a disaster. It contributes to immediate personal needs such as food, transport, medical supplies and clothing.

You and your family can apply if you have been directly and adversely affected by a disaster. 

The grant is not means tested.

Temporary accommodation grant

This grant may be available to help you pay for emergency accommodation. This payment is not available while an evacuation centre is operating or where the Northern Territory Government is already providing other accommodation for people.

This is a one-off payment and must be approved before you book alternative accommodation. 

This grant is means tested and maximum limits apply. In some instances, the payment may be made directly to the accommodation provider.

Household goods replacement grant

This grant helps with the costs of replacing or repairing essential household items which have been damaged or lost during a natural disaster. 

Essential household items may include beds, fridges, freezers, washing machines and dryers. The grant does not include items such as computers, cameras, air-conditioners and vehicles.

This grant is means tested. To be eligible you must own the goods and not have contents insurance. 

The total amount of the grant is capped. Set amounts are applied to each item.

Essential household repairs grant

This grant contributes to the cost of repairing an uninsured home, including a caravan, to a safe and habitable condition.

This grant is means tested and to be eligible you need to own the property, be living in the property at the time of the disaster and not have insurance.

How to apply

Information about who can apply, how to apply and where to apply will be made available at each disaster event.

You can ask for more information at evacuation centres and welfare recovery centres if they are established. 

Application and assessment teams may also visit affected communities.

Other financial help may be available

In some instances, where the impact of the disaster is severe, the Australian Government may provide further assistance. For more information contact Centrelink.