What happens if there is a terrorist incident

Given the indiscriminate nature of terrorist attacks, general duty police officers are most likely to be the first responders on scene. On arrival, police officers will attempt to locate the offender/s and prevent them causing further harm to the community. As police search for the offender/s they may point guns in the direction of the public and move past people that have been injured or require assistance. As more police resources arrive on scene they will begin coordinating with other first response agencies to make the area safe and provide casualty care to victims.

What to do if there is an armed offender incident

If an armed offender is in your vicinity you need to be prepared to react quickly. A suggested immediate personal response to an armed offender situation is  ‘Escape Hide Tell’

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What happens after a terrorist event

Terrorist incidents can be very traumatic and have a significant impact on a community.

When the terrorist incident is resolved, recovery and support arrangements will commence. This could involve support to victims, first responders and their families, public messaging to restore community confidence, scene preservation and investigation activities, re-establishing normal business operations and day-to-day activities.