How to sandbag

Read below to find out how to build a sandbag wall and where to get sandbags and soil.


Remember to stay safe when you build your sandbag wall. When building your wall, you should:

  • use proper lifting techniques when carrying sandbags - a filled sandbag can weigh up to 20kg
  • remember sand is heavier when wet
  • wear gloves and eye protection
  • use rubber gloves if you’re coming into contact with storm water.

Safety tips for sandbag wall

How to build a sandbag wall

The sides of your sandbag wall must be sloped inward with the base set on firm ground.

Do not build your wall higher than 1.5m. It should be four-times higher than at the widest part.

Key into the ground one sandbag deep and two wide with plastic sheeting threaded through the layers. Do not put sheeting on the outside of the wall.

How to build a sandbag wall

When you build your sandbag wall

A tamped sandbag is about 150mm high x 250mm wide x 500mm long.

Bags should be filled to two-thirds full - about five or six shovels full. A properly filled sandbag weighs 18kg.

Lie the bags in a horizontal course of headers and stretchers. Start and finish the wall with headers and stagger joints in adjacent courses.

Do not place bag necks or side seams on the outer face of the wall. When each bag is in place, beat it into shape with a pick handle or similar tool.

Tie the necks for transport only. Untie and flatten the necks under the next sandbag.

laying sandback walls

Where to get sandbags and soil

Darwin supplierSandbags Sand or soil supply
Atom Supply Darwin Yes No
Avanti Landscaping Supplies No Yes
Barnyard Trade Yes No
Bob Kerr Transport No Yes
Bunnings Yes Yes
Landmark Yes No
U-Cart Concrete Yes Yes
Alice Spring supplierAddress Phone number
Territory Rural McPherson Corner of North Stuart Hwy and Basso Rd (08) 8953 425
Alice Springs Sand Supply 44 Priest St (08) 8953 4466
APJ Concrete   (08) 8953 1339
Centre Landscaping Supplies Lot 5776 Ross Hwy (08) 8952 4839
Holicon 37 Priest St (08) 8952 1633
North Concrete (NT) 5 Shirley Crt (08) 8953 2811
Quarry North Stuart Hwy (08) 8952 3247
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