Emergency shelters

Below are maps you can use to find emergency shelters and car park shelters.

You should not go to a shelter until you are told by authorities that they are open.

Go to the social media alerts page for the latest updates about emergencies and disasters.

  • Click on the relevant maps below to find a shelter in the area you require.

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  • Public emergency shelters are available for residents whose homes are at risk from storm surge, those who live in caravan parks on non-coded homes, or if you feel unsafe in your home.

  • You should take your emergency kit of supplies and a blanket and pillows to an emergency shelter.

    Space ratios in shelters are basked on 1.2m2 per person.

  • You can use the car park shelters if you want to shelter in your car with your pets. Car park shelters are the only shelters you can take pets to.

    You should also take you emergency kit.

    Car park shelters have very limited access to toilets or any other services.

    Pets must remain secured and under your control at all times.

    Read about pets in emergencies for more information about how you can prepare your pets.

  • Your emergency shelter or safe place is a building or large open green area where you can seek shelter from a bushfire.

    You should identify your emergency shelter or safe place in your Bushfire Plan. Make sure you know the travel time and distance to your emergency shelter or safe place. It is important to remember that all members of the community must take responsibility for their own safety during a bushfire.

    If you do not know the location of your closest shelter, you should identify safe locations you can go to in your Bushfire Plan.

    This might include a shopping centre or oval that is well away from the bush. Never drive through fires or smoke affected areas to get to an emergency shelter or safe place. In an emergency call Triple Zero (000).

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