Prepare your home

You should be ready for floods before the Wet Season arrives so you and your family have enough time to respond.

A good flood survival plan includes knowing where you, your family and pets will shelter.

You should do all of the following:

  • know your local flood history and community plans
  • make a household emergency plan
  • decide if you will stay in your home, evacuate to an emergency shelter, or go to a friend’s home
  • prepare your emergency kit
  • store important documents in a portable, waterproof wallet
  • always consider the chance of flooding when storing items around the house and pick out high points for stacking and storing possessions and furniture
  • find out how to make your home more flood resistant
  • check your insurance policy
  • read how to keep outside drains clear and why this is important at the Power and Water website.

Read about cyclone, storm tide and riverine flooding building standards at the Northern Territory Government website.

You might want to consider getting a power generator for use in an emergency.

To find out more about generators go to the Power and Water website.

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