Emergency plans

Knowing what needs to be done makes it easier for you to stay calm in an emergency.

Preparation is the key to survival. By planning ahead you can help to reduce the risk of injury and of damage to your property.

A household emergency plan should be put together as a family, including children.

Make sure you discuss:

  • plans for when family members will be and will not be home
  • workplace, school or apartment plans that may impact on members of your household
  • what you will do to mitigate damage to your home or contents - eg: insurance
  • how and where to turn off power, gas and water supplies
  • how and where valuables and important documents will be stored
  • how and where your household emergency kit will be stored
  • your emergency telephone number list
  • what role each family member will take during an emergency.

Fill in the household emergency plan PDF (234.5 KB) with your family.

Read the Territory Emergency Plan here.

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