A drought is a long period of abnormally low rainfall. A drought can affect living conditions, agriculture, water quality and increase bushfire risk.

Droughts can happen in any part of the Northern Territory (NT) but they are more likely in Central Australia.


Farmers should know how to prepare for and manage drought.

To find out about help available to farmers hit by drought, go to the drought and rural assistance web page at the Australian Government's Department of Agriculture and Water Resources website.

For information about managing stock in dry times, go to the drought and disaster management page at the Meat and Livestock Australia website.

For research results, tips for farmers and general information, go to the drought portal at the Rural Research and Development Corporation website.


To find out how to save water go to Power and Water's Living Water Smart website.

If you live in Alice Springs go to the Alice Water Smart website.

You can contact your local council to find out more about saving water in your community.

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