How safe is your home

There is no such thing as a cyclone-proof house. But you can reduce the chance of storm damage if you take care of your home and plan ahead.

Homes built after 1974

Building codes in the Northern Territory were changed after cyclone Tracy in 1974.

Homes built in cyclone-prone areas of the NT since 1975 should be designed to withstand a mid-range category four cyclone.

Buildings in a category four cyclone

Category four cyclones have wind speeds of 225 kilometres per hour to 279km/h.

Homes built after 1975, if they comply with the building code, should be able to withstand the wind speed of a low-level category four cyclone with minimal structural damage.

A mid-range category four cyclone would test the strength limits of a compliant building and could cause structural damage to your home.

Flying debris can damage your home and cause it to fail in a lower category cyclone with slower winds.

Read about cyclone, storm surge and riverine flooding building standards at the Northern Territory Government website.

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