Flash floods

Flash floods happen when soil or drainage areas can’t absorb intense rainfall within a short period of time.

It can occur as a sudden flow in a river, creek or local area.

You should read about how to prepare your home for a flood, which includes information on how to sandbag.

When you get a flash flood warning

If a flash flood warning is given for your area, you should:

  • be ready to act quickly
  • follow your household emergency plan
  • tune in to your local radio for updates
  • unplug all electrical devices and put them in a high place
  • keep in contact with neighbours who may be affected
  • put important documents and valuables into waterproof bags and in a high place
  • make sure your pets are safe
  • block toilets and floor drains from inside the home to stop sewage backing up
  • stack sandbags around windows and doors on lower levels outside.

What to do if your home is flooded

If your home is flooded, you should:

  • follow your household emergency plan
  • stay in a safe part of your home
  • contact family members to tell them when it’s safe to return
  • keep in touch with your neighbours.

Get flood assistance

Call 132 500 for assistance after a flood.

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