Get insurance

It makes sense to insure your largest assets such as your home, contents and even vehicle against unexpected events that could leave you out of pocket.

It is important that you know what your are covered for and have the right level of cover.

You should consider the following:

  • identify what hazards or risks may impact on your home or business
  • check if your policy covers for flood events
  • check you covered for inundation type events (storm water overflow), riverine flooding
  • find out if you are covered for cyclones, fires etc. Insurance companies may not cover for an event if you try to take out an insurance policy after a warning is issued
  • if your home located within a surge zone area check that you are insured for this event
  • if your home is damaged in a large disaster event, such as a flood, check what your insurance company needs to sight before you start cleaning up
  • check annually with your insurance company that you have adequate insurance cover for your home and contents
  • confirm if your policy covers 'clean up' and what that includes.

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