Daly River flood evacuation

Financial assistance Q & A

NDRRA Program

The Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) provide a framework under which the Commonwealth can partial reimburse disaster relief expenditure incurred by the Territory Government in response to eligible disaster events, based on a cost-sharing formula (the Territory pays first and is partially reimbursed some of the costs at a later stage by the Commonwealth, subject to some thresholds). The NDRRA is designed to recognise that, although the Territory must respond to a natural disaster in its own jurisdiction, the Commonwealth is willing to contribute in some part to the community's recovery from such an event.

What financial assistance will now be provided to people who have been evacuated?

The following payments may be available to Daly River and Wooliana residents who have been evacuated due to flooding.

  1. Immediate relief payment
    Payments may be made to all affected households on the following basis:
    1. adults 18 and over - $498 per person
    2. children under 18 - $252 per child
      to a maximum total of $1252 per family. The payment is not means-tested.How it is paid: 75 per cent of the total amount will be made available as store credit via the Nauiyu store at Daly River operated by ALPA. This credit can be used when people return home after the flood event. The remainder will be paid into people’s bank accounts.
  2. Re-establishment payment
    The re-establishment payment is designed to assist people to replace damaged furniture and appliances after the flood event. It is means-tested and based on what individual households have lost and whether or not they were covered by insurance. After the flood waters have receded, a community assessment of damage and loss will be done. A community-wide program may be implemented if there is widespread loss of household goods, such as white goods, bedding and furniture, rather than payments to individuals. This will need to be decided when the extent of loss can be assessed.
    Homeowners may also be able to claim where they have had damage to their buildings. This is also means-tested.

What financial assistance has been provided so far?

After the initial evacuation order was cancelled, Territory Families provided a relief payment of $250 per household to cover the disruption caused by the cancelled evacuation order.

The payment was available in the form of credit at the ALPA store at Daly River.

Will those who didn’t access the store credit still be able to get it when they return after the flood?

That payment was provided to meet a specific need at the time, and the need for this has now passed given people have been evacuated. It has been replaced by the new payment which will be made available for when people return home.